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Retailer Code of Ethics


* To enhance the quality of life in our community by encouraging music participation.
* To present our product lines in a positive, honest and realistic manner that shows respect to our customers, our store and our industry.
* To educate our customers on the qualitative issues that can help them make an informed buying decision.
* To help our customers select and ultimately purchase the piano that best meets their needs and desires.


* We will continually improve our understanding of the products we represent, so that we might better present these products to our customers.
* We will avoid making statements about our competitors and their products. When asked to comment on competitive products and services, we will provide only relevant information that is specific, quantifiable and well documented.
* We will refrain from personal attacks and strive to avoid speculation regarding the morals, ethics or viability of our competitors and their suppliers.
* We will make no statements that appeal to ethnic or racial bias.
* We will refrain from advertising our store, our products and our services in any way that might be considered false, misleading or deceptive.
* We will not present or quote a price on any product that we are not currently authorized by the supplier to sell.
* We will not challenge or question a customer’s purchase decision after the customer has accepted delivery from a competitor.
* We will continually strive to establish and uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in the process of serving our customers.