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2021 RMM Pedagogy Saturday Sessions

2021 MTNA National Conference
Pedagogy Saturday: RMM Track

Building the RMM Community: Strategizing, Teaching, and Empowering

Expanding the future of music making with RMM opens up the world of music to potentially millions of new piano students. This year’s sessions feature practical applications and fun creative tips to help make your teaching more effective and fulfilling. You’ll learn more about adult learning and teaching; you’ll hear about how to engage students individually in a group setting; about ideas to enrich and supplement group and private lessons; you’ll have fun during our rapid-fire Best Ideas session, and more.  Discover the rewards of embarking on a musical journey with people who have always wanted to play the piano.

8-9 AM: Studio Spotlights

In this session, learn how teachers from across the country have developed their studios. These videos provide glimpses into studios across the United States.

Dr. Sam Welsh and Dr. Eneida Larti samueldwelsh@gmail.com; eneida8@hotmail.com

Dr. Melody Payne, Melissa Willis, Amy Deal, Lynette Barney, Amy Immerman, Josh Straub, Heather Smith

9:15 – 10:15    Building Blocks: Back to the Basics  (22/30)

In this session, Brian Chung and Courtney Crappell explore the benefits and possibilities of teaching music using a student-centered approach. Through inspiration and practical experiences, this session will enhance your approach to teaching music to today’s piano students.

Brian Chung & Courtney Crappell

10:30 – 11:30  : Discovering Music through Dalcroze Eurhythmics; Group Dynamics and Teaching Strategies

Join Pamela and Jeremy as they explore how music and movement work hand in hand to enrich your students’ learning process. Using social and interactive methods, games, songs, and a variety of materials, our presenters will share how to put it all together and deepen your student’s connection to music.

Dr. Pamela Pike  & Jeremy Dittus                                      

1:00 –  2:00     The Inspired Group Classroom

Dr. Nan Richerson, Dr. Emily Book McGree, and Dr. Rebecca Bellelo, share their tips on what you can do to boost your group teaching effectiveness. Using a combination of games, manipulatives, practice packets and more, learn how you can enhance your student’s learning with fun and exciting activities.

Rebecca Bellelo, NCTM, Ph.D
Piano Pathways, Baton Rouge, LA

Nan Baker Richerson, NCTM, Ph.D
Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD;
Wicomico County Public Schools, Salisbury, MD

Emily Book McGree, DMA
Lamont School of Music, University of Denver, CO
Lafayette Piano Academy, Lafayette, CO

2:15 – 3:15      Best Ideas

In what has become a track favorite, this rapid-fire session will give you teaching ideas that you can take home and use immediately. Don’t miss this fun and informative session!

Leila Viss, Casey Loudin, Ivan Hurd, Leonidas Lagrimas, Heather Smith, Sarah Morris, Josh Straub, Maria Eduarda Vieira, Sarah Jenkins, Elle Tyler

3:30 – 4:30   Melody: Clever Hacks for Teaching Piano Man; The Ins and Outs of Online Teaching

In this session, Leila will show how you improve rhythm and creativity at the keyboard and Melody will address the challenges piano teachers face teaching online piano lessons. Her session will answer a variety of questions about tips and activities teachers can use to create meaningful online lesson experiences for their students.

Dr. Melody Payne  and Leila Viss

4:30-5:00 – Recognizing a Leader in Piano Teaching: Brenda Dillon

The National Piano Foundation is proud to recognize and thank Brenda Dillon for all of her accomplishments during a long and illustrious career. Join Emily Book McGree, Rebecca Bellelo and  Nan Richerson in an interview that will have you laughing, smiling, and learning with Brenda.