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2019 RMM Pedagogy Saturday Sessions

2019 MTNA National Conference
Pedagogy Saturday: RMM Track

Expanding the Future of Making Music

Expanding the future of music making with RMM opens the world of music to potentially millions of new piano students. This year’s sessions feature practical applications and fun creative tips to help make your teaching more effective and fulfilling. You’ll observe a masterful group teaching demonstration; you’ll learn more about adult learning and teaching; you’ll hear about how to engage students individually in a group setting; about ideas to enrich and supplement group lessons; you’ll have fun during our rapid-fire Best Ideas session, and more.  Discover the rewards of embarking on a musical journey with people who have always wanted to play the piano.

8:00 – 9:00 AM – Coffee and Conversations

Start your morning with a cup of coffee and your conversation of your choice. Join one of our four round-table discussions marketing, materials, adults, or kids and teens.

  • Rebecca Bellelo, NCTM, Piano Pathways, LLC, Baton Rouge, LA; Emily Book McGree, Parlando School of Musical Arts, Boulder, CO; Nan Baker Richerson, NCTM, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD, and TBA.

9:15- 10:15 – Brian and Bernardo; Improv and Creativity

Join Brian and Bernardo in this richly creative session where teachers will learn how to incorporate structured improvisation into lessons and teach your students with tools and activities that enhance their creativity.

  • Brian Chung, Vice President of Kawai America Corporation, Rancho Dominguez, CA; Bernardo Scarambone, Professor, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY.

10:30- 11:30 – Courtney and Elle:  Group Dynamics and Teaching Strategies

Teaching group classes is always a challenge – everyone has their own learning style. In this session, Courtney and Elle will discuss and offer strategies to make group dynamics work for you and your students.

  • Courtney Crappell, Director, Moores School of Music, Associate Professor of Piano and Pedagogy, University of Houston, Houston, TX; Elle Tyler, Piano Faculty, Parlando School of Musical Arts, Boulder, CO.

1-2 PMBest Ideas of Marketing, Classroom Management, Brain Breaks, and Games

Names TBD

In what has become an RMM tack favorite, this rapid-fire session will give you teaching ideas that you can take home and use immediately. Don’t miss this fun and informative session!

  • Amy Immerman
  • Vickie Johnson
  • Elizabeth Leger
  • Elle Tyler
  • Sonya Clark
  • Sarah Rushing
  • And more!

2:15- 3:15Dennis and Mandy: Teaching Demos and Learning Theories

In this session, learn how using a digital piano can help you inspire adult students to practice, improvise, and sound better than they thought possible, and hear about the dynamic research that focuses on the latest in learning theory.

  • Dennis Alexander, Composer, Clinician & Teacher; Amanda Schlegel, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina.

3:30-4:30Heather and Joy; The Beginnings of Group Teaching, and Activities to Keep Students Engaged

Sometimes, the hardest thing about group teaching is knowing how to get started. Join Heather and Joy as they present effective ways to launch a program and keep students coming to their lessons.

  • Heather Smith, NTCM, Centerville, Utah; Joy Morin, Independent Teacher, Bowling Green, OH

4:30-5:00Let’s Play Games! Committee members – Divide into 7/8 stations and play games/demonstrate that can be utilized in classes.

Students of all levels and ages love games, especially in group situations. In this session, you will have the opportunity to experience and participate in an array of games that can be utilized in groups classes.