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People of all ages want to experience the fun and benefits of making music. Recreational Music Making  (RMM) is catching on in teachers’ studios and with piano retailers across the country.  RMM offers people of all ages a chance to step back from daily stressors and encourages self-exploration and expression through music.

Most people just want to play the piano for fun and personal satisfaction.  They want to be able to play for their own personal enjoyment and share a pastime with family or friends.

If these are your goals, too, RMM could be the key that opens the door to new opportunities for personal creativity. Many people who have never thought they were musical are now expressing themselves through music.

You can explore making music in RMM classes for piano or other instruments, even your own voice. Some RMM programs include Drum Circles, where people come together to make music together with rhythm instruments.

Benefits of RMM

Whether you are a teenager or you’ve recently retired, you’ll find many benefits to RMM classes. Through musical expression, you can achieve a happier and more relaxed approach to life and feel a sense of accomplishment.

How to Find an RMM Program

You can find RMM programs at your local music retailer, recreational center, community college or independent music teacher. If your local music retailer doesn’t offer RMM classes yet, let him or her know that you’re interested in getting one started! Information on Recreational Music Making can be found at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).