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From the members and partner organizations of the Piano Manufacturers Association and National Piano Foundation, welcome! Click on their logos at right to find out more about these companies.

If Scott Houston’s “The New Play Piano in a Flash: 3 Steps To Piano Success” pledge special on Public Television inspired you to visit this page, we also invite you to learn more about the fun of learning to play the piano, starting today!

Fill out the form below, and we’ll send you a package in the mail that includes valuable coupons and a FREE “quick start guide”, plus a FREE instructional DVD with 10 lessons that will teach you how to play a familiar song (a $30 value).

Scott Houston, The Piano Guy, says “You CAN play piano and it’s never too late to start!” Take advantage of this terrific chance to take your interest to the next level. And have fun!

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No matter what your age or ability, making music and the piano a part of your life may be just a click away! We’d love to hear your success stories about learning to play the piano. Leave a note in the comments section below, or email us.