Teaching Beyond the Classroom

October 8, 2020  By Richard Rejino

Have you ever wondered why you can have a great lesson with your student(s) and yet they comeback without making much progress? In this session, our panel of speakers discusses ways to keep your students engaged after their lesson: practice strategies, games, setting goals, and other ideas that help keep students inspired about practicing and learning. Join us for another hour of learning and sharing.

About our presenters: Rebecca C. Bellelo, NCTM, PhD, teaches applied piano and RMM classes to students of all ages in her multi-teacher studio, Piano Pathways, located in Baton Rouge, LA. She has presented research regionally and nationally and serves in state and local MTAs.

Emily Book McGree, DMA: Emily is currently on faculty at the Lamont School of Music in Denver, CO, where she runs the Piano Pedagogy and Piano Preparatory programs. She also maintains an active studio of RMM and “traditional” students through Lafayette Piano Academy, her private studio in Lafayette, CO.

Nan Baker Richerson, NCTM, PhD, teaches group and applied piano at Salisbury University in Maryland. She also teaches adult RMM group classes and has presented on RMM programs and group teaching strategies at MTNA and NCKP national conferences.

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