Getting Started in Group Teaching
This video was filmed at the 2001 Group Piano Seminar and is designed for piano teachers who want to learn about group teaching.

Make A Home With Music (DVD)
Tells the story of a real family — how they make music a part of their lives and how music helps draw their family together. Emphasizes how piano study helps children achieve success in other areas as they grow up.

The Possible Dream I: The Adult Piano Student And You
Provides inspiration for the independent teacher to explore the possibilities of teaching adults. You’ll hear real students and teachers telling their own stories. An excellent program for teachers’ meetings.

The Possible Dream II: Teaching Adult Piano Students
Practical information and assistance to teachers of adult piano students, including: selecting materials, gearing the lesson to the adult, setting realistic goals and dealing with the special needs of the adult beginner.

The Possible Dream III: Make It Come True
This film may be just the encouragement needed for adults who have always wanted to play the piano. Listen to these adult beginners describe their experiences and find out how learning to play the piano has enriched their lives. Especially recommended for retailer use, whether on the sales floor or for presentations to community groups.

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