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A Piano Adds Sophistication to More than Just a Room
This pamphlet not only describes the benefits of playing the piano for all ages, it also emphasizes that a piano changes everyone who touches it. Best of all, it’s a friend for life.

Play It Cool – Play the Piano
This pamphlet is designed for children and features the Peanuts characters of Snoopy and Schroeder.

Descriptions of NPF Publications
Note: Full text of all NPF publications is presented here on PianoNet. Original copies for redistribution may be ordered from the National Piano Foundation.

An Open Letter To Parents!
Has your child temporarily lost interest in piano lessons? This pamphlet stresses the value of music study, as well as the self discipline it instills, and the rewards of persevering through the inevitable highs and lows that almost every child will encounter.
Consumer’s Guide To Buying A Piano
Shopping for a piano? This informative pamphlet will help you select the correct piano for your needs and offers hints on how to shop wisely. It also provides information on working with the dealer and buying a used piano.

How To Help Your Child Succeed At The Piano
Is your child studying the piano? This pamphlet discusses how a positive and enthusiastic attitude, along with careful selection of a teacher, good practice habits, and realistic goals, can be the decisive factor in whether or not children will be successful as they begin their musical adventures at the piano.

Make A Home With Music
Give the gift of music to your children! Learn how children develop concentration, coordination and confidence through music study. Includes a special message to children.

Piano And Your Preschooler
This pamphlet, organized in a question/answer format, answers many of the questions parents ask about preschool piano study, and explains the benefits of such study for the child. If you have a child of preschool age, this pamphlet is for you!

The Possible Dream
A companion text to NPF’s three-part video series, this brochure answers some of the questions most frequently asked by adults when they are considering piano lessons.

So You’ve Always Wanted To Play The Piano!
Have you always wanted to play the piano? Motivation is the key — with this, adults can, should, and do learn to competently play and enjoy the piano. This pamphlet dispels the myth that adults are “too old” to learn to play, and demonstrates that learning to play is fun and always rewarding!

Your Piano & Its Proper Care
Now that you have a piano in your home, how do you take care of it? With over 9,000 parts, your piano is more than just a pretty piece of furniture. This pamphlet explains the do’s and don’t of proper piano care and maintenance. A must for the piano owner!

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