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RMM Scholarships: MTNA Pedagogy Saturday

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RMM Teacher Scholarship Information

National Piano Foundation Scholarship Application
MTNA’s Pedagogy Saturday RMM Teaching Track
MTNA Convention, La Buena Vista, Florida •
March 17, 2018

Thanks in part to a generous grant from the NAMM Foundation, the National Piano Foundation is offering a limited number of $500 – $750 scholarships to MTNA piano teachers who are interested in learning more about Recreational Music Making (RMM). These scholarships must be used for travel, lodging, membership, fees and other costs associated with attending the 2018 MTNA Pedagogy Saturday RMM Track.

The MTNA RMM Teaching Track enables piano teachers to learn about teaching RMM group classes through topics that include:

  • RMM group teaching within the independent studio
  • Conceptual teaching in the RMM class
  • Repertoire ideas for RMM teachers
  • RMM and the power of music to change lives in positive ways
  • Networking for RMM teachers

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants (recipients of past scholarships are not eligible):

  • Must be age 21 or older and have a minimum of two years piano teaching experience (group teaching experience required)
  • Must be a member of MTNA (a portion of the scholarship may be directed toward MTNA dues)Scholarship applicants must submit:
  1. a short application form (see page two)
  2. a resume of your education and teaching experience (private and group)
  3. a 500-750 word essay demonstrating your understanding of RMM group teaching, its philosophy, why you want to pursue RMM teacher training, and how you plan to implement an RMM group piano program in your local community – please list the site(s) that have indicated a commitment to having an RMM program, including the name of the director. For example, if you plan to teach in a retail store, provide the name and telephone of the store and the manager.
  4. a recent digital photo

Scholarship awardees must sign an agreement stating they will adhere to the following requirements of receiving the scholarship:

  • Must demonstrate a commitment to developing an RMM group piano program in their independent studio and/or their community (in partnership with a local piano retailer, music school, senior center, or other appropriate venues.)
  • Submit quarterly updates about their group piano program in June 2018, September 2018, December 2018 and a final report March 31, 2019. (Reporting will include teaching materials, number and age of students, appraisals of student progress, event programs, examples of promotional materials, studio policies, and more.)
  • Work in partnership with NPF to collect video testimonials from RMM teachers and their students, including students’ ages and progress, curricula information and instrument sales and/or rentals resulting from their RMM classes.
  • Scholarship awardees who do not adhere to the above requirements will be required to refund one-half of the grant money.

2018-2019 RMM Scholarship Application.

Mail or email your application to:

Attn: Richard Rejino
National Piano Foundation
14070 Proton Rd., Suite 100, LB 9
Dallas, TX 75244-3601
(972) 233-9107, ext. 211• Fax (972) 490-4219

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